Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ask the Masses: Grading for Embedded Classes and One-Shots

This week's AtM question relates to something I've been spending a lot of time doing lately: grading/assessment.

My question is:

At what level are you involved with grading and formally assessing student assignments/projects in the classes you work with? Do you provide feedback, but leave grading up to the course instructor? Do you grade library assignments? Do the course instructors count library assignments or activities for course credit? Let's have a conversation about assessment and grading!


  1. That's a great question! I actually create and grade all of my assignments. If the IL session was initiated by a paper, I like my assignment to be finding source for that paper and citing them. It gives me the opportunity to grade part of their work before their professor.

  2. I don't teach any standalone IL courses--everything I teach is embedded within a course, so I don't do grading in a traditional sense. I provide frequent feedback to faculty, however, regarding student progress. I do pre-grading in one upper-level Nursing course; I annotate the students' group research papers so the instructor has my feedback to consider when she grades them. I focus my comments on source quality and usage/citation of sources.

  3. I'm currently working with some professors where we are assessing annotated bibliographies on BlackBoard. We split up the rubric duties with the professor taking the content and I take the information literacy components. It's been working really well so far.