Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ask the Masses: Teaching Energy

We've all been in this situation, no matter how committed to or excited you are about your job. How do you recoop spent energy after a particularly draining instruction session? There are some classes that are exhausting but energizing at the same time. The students' energy and your energy are combining to help them learn and you see those light bulb moments happening. Sometimes there are classes that simply exhaust you. How do you recover so you have the energy you need to be successful in your next session (whether it's immediately after a particularly draining session, or a little later in the day)?


  1. I use music. I go back to my office and listen to just the right songs on my computer while I work and that helps get me back into the mood I need to be in and helps me find my energy again.

  2. I read emails of gratitude I've received from faculty, staff, & students. I save them all to a folder for when I need a motivation boost!